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Olympus Educational Center (OEC) is a Greek not-for-profit educational organization which designs innovative educational programs, and delivers a broad spectrum of training courses and activities. Founded in 2017 in Larissa, Greece, OEC is run by EEPEK ( a not-for-profit association of educators from all levels of education with over 4,200 members including experienced trainers, school counselors and coaches, and adult educators. Over the last three years, EEPEK has formed a large and dynamic learning community, by delivering more than 200,000 person-hours of seminars to over 3000 education professionals in Greece.

The main aims of OEC are:

  • To promote innovative educational practices in a multitude of education disciplines (e.g. STEM/STEAM, Humanities, Educational Administration, Psychology).
  • To strengthen technology integration within education.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas, collaboration and the internationalization of contemporary teaching and learning approaches by bringing together education professionals from different E.U. member states.
  • To foster inter-cultural cooperation and international synergies in the field of education through innovative training experiences.
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